Paul KrausA Remarkable Start

Paul Kraus was born on October 20, 1944 in a Nazi forced labor camp towards the end of the Second World War. A few months before his birth his mother (Clara) and two-year old brother (Peter) were placed aboard a train bound for the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Aerial bombings by the U.S and its allies caused enough destruction to the railroads that the train was diverted to a forced labor camp established in the Viehofen flood plain near St. Poelten in Austria. The prisoners of the labor camp were forced to build a dam and divert the local river.

After Paul was born, Clara escaped from the camp with Paul and his brother Peter. The escape saved their lives because a short time later the SS had evacuated the camp and forced all the prisoners on a death march.

Paul, his brother, and mother survived the cross-country trek, with some help from the Russian infantry. The three war-torn travelers finally arrived back at Clara’s home town of Budapest and were reunited with her parents. Clara’s husband and her brother were missing. Paul was ten months old when his father, Emery (Jim) miraculously returned, having spent seven months in a U.S. army hospital after liberation from the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp. Many close family members had perished in the Holocaust.

Late in 1948 the impoverished family migrated in a refugee ship to Australia. The family strove to accept the Australian way of life. They grew to love their country and finally became Australian citizens in the early 1950s.

I Survived Mesothelioma

I've survived mesothelioma for almost 20 years. I wrote a book on how I did it, and today I'm giving them away free.

Paul received his BA degree at Macquarie University and later a Master of Arts and Master of Education at the University of Sydney. Upon graduation he worked for some years as a history teacher and wrote English and Modern History textbooks.

In the summer of 1997 Paul was unexpectedly diagnosed with mesothelioma, the asbestos induced cancer that he had contracted while working in a factory during his vacation as an undergraduate student. Due to the advanced metastases of the cancer, doctors gave Paul little hope of surviving more than six months. Paul and his wife were not ready to accept the gloomy prognosis. They attended a ten-day retreat where they learned to radically change their lifestyle. The changes Paul adopted were substantial and were aided by individual doctors who embraced complementary treatments. His healing took a number of years and is described in detail in his book “Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers, A Patients Guide”. This book has become the best-selling mesothelioma book in the world. In recent years, Paul has been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and a large brain tumor. Surgical intervention successfully removed the meningioma and a German cancer clinic treated the bone metastases from the prostate cancer.

Paul has written a number of books that focus on health and healing in its broad dimension. To see his list of books please click here. Today Paul continues to follow many of the same healing strategies that he first started when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997. His continuing survival from three cancers is a testament to his deep belief that a diagnosis is not destiny and that people can conquer all types of cancer because there is far more to this illness than having a doctor give you bad news.